An Andro Named Sue

Balancing a career in publishing with chronic migraines. Sort of.

I freaking love sea monsters. I grew up fascinated by the ocean and all the shit we didn’t know, all the things that might be down there. I read a lot of Peter Benchley and thought marine biology was the coolest damn thing, and I still do. There’s a lot of sea monster horror novels …

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If there’s one thing that’s ticked me off over the years, its watching novels continually fail to portray mental illness accurately, realistically, and for the sake of character not plot. So, without further ado, here are your seven steps to getting mental illness right in your next story.

I don’t like resolutions–I never really have. They’re one of those things that grate on me, like when people ask where I’ll be in five years or when exactly I plan to get a fucking book published.  I have no fucking idea what the year will hold, so I can’t really say if I can …

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