2017: The Year Without A Resolution

I don’t like resolutions–I never really have. They’re one of those things that grate on me, like when people ask where I’ll be in five years or when exactly I plan to get a fucking book published.  I have no fucking idea what the year will hold, so I can’t really say if I can do a finite thing or not. I know I can write books, I have my writing schedule for the year, but that’s about it. My life is currently very, very up in the air, and while it’s improving, its still very uncertain.

I don’t do uncertain well.


So this year I’ve got only one resolution. Its vague as all hell, and I’m hoping that my first ever hella firm writing schedule and the power of my Life Planner will allow me to stick to it. It’s two simple words.

Finish things.

I am a fucking master, a pro really, at leaving things unfinished. I have boxes of story outlines, cases of purchased books with bookmarks in random places, sketches of jewelry and clothing modifications, all of which are currently stacked in various places in my new tiny living space.

So this year, I resolve to get shit done.

I am finishing Teenage Dirtbag this month–a whopping three chapters left to write–because I knew this month would be hectic with adjusting to the move and catching up with the Etsy store. Next month, I start work on my southern gothic urban fantasy, and I will have two months to finish that. I then have two months to finish the first Cold War espionage novella, two months to finish Sigil Book 2, and another two months to do the second espionage novella. Half way through the year, I get to do round one of edits on Teenage Dirtbag. Time in-between will be for finishing books I have yet to finish reading, querying Sigil book 1, and doing all of the delightful things that will go into self-publishing the spy novella series.

In the jewelry world side of things, I will be putting out one totally new line of jewelry, and possibly learning screen-printing if time and space allow for it. If not, then linocut will be the way to go for the next generation of patches. I will be making more punk-animals for The Last Howlercon (you heard it here, its on the Internet, so this is basically a binding contract from me to you), doing away with a lot of our old stock (we’re gonna have some really killer sales at Howlercon gang!) and essentially begin working towards a new era of Patched & Smacked.

And thats…basically it. This space will be getting short stories added by the end of the month, and you’ll hopefully be seeing a flavor of everything I have in the works for series (everything I write is series, I couldn’t write a singular novel if you held a gun to my head). This Wednesday will start the very first of the Lets Get Weird series, and the weekends will be devoted to me telling you how to write better in various, snarky ways.

RDJ thumbs up.gif

Oh! Conventions! Appearances! Yes, right, those things.

I will be attending:

  • Boskone
  • The Last Howlercon
  • Necon
  • Readercon
  • Dragoncon??? (I WANT TO DO IT but THE FUCKING MONEY)

You can also find me at various meet-ups hosted by Writers Coffee House New England (the next one if February 4th in Westfield, MA) and I try to find my way to write-ins at with Worcester Writer’s Collaborative.

Tune back in on Wednesday for some real fucking talk on ghosts in the south. We’re goin’ full on Poltergeist, its gonna get creepy, so strap in and be prepared nerds.

Happy new year ladies, gents, and non-gender binary folk.

May it suck less than the last one.



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