I’m alive! And where I’ve been.

Hoooo man, these past two months have been…a lot. There was a lot of good. And a lot of bad. Terrifying and weird and wonderful. And at times, a tid bit horrifying. I finished the first Bulletproof Spy installment. I had a melt down during the Sketchy Ass Plumbers incident and have since had to make the firm decision to go only by they pronouns. I lost some weight. I’m back to eating healthy. I’m really getting into gear with minimalism( and I will be posting about that very soon, I promise.)

Gender shit is just…its so weird for me. 99.9% of the time, I think I’ve got a handle on it. I’m me and I love me regardless of how the rest of the world tries to shove me into a box or squish me into something I’m not. But getting oggled, specifically for my breasts…man that one fucks me up on so many levels.

First off, I never know what to do when I get oggled or checked out because I’m demisexual–I cannot form a sexual attraction to anyone without having a deep emotional connection first. I always want to say to them very clearly in total dead pan, “I cannot feel what you are feeling for me right now so please go hunting for a bed mate elsewhere.”

And it’s so much worse when it happens in my own home. In my safe space. Out in the world, I’m ready for it. I’m braced for impact. But at home I feel violated, like you’ve taken my favorite fuzzy blanket and thrown it into a swamp. Even though the house is kinda haunted and not in the pleasant way. The house which also has mold somewhere (One day I will discover where and I really hope I have a face mask when that happens) and silver fish and squirrels in the ceiling and one broken pool.

But on the upside of things, ART! The great Art Spiral of 2017 wherein I spent nearly a month buried in fleshing out characters and writing little scenes with them for a book that only popped into my head a month ago and I can’t really write for another year because Research. I should note that this spiral was sparked by watching Sagas of Sundry: Dread on Alpha, which if you haven’t seen YOU SHOULD because its some wild new kind of theater (I know that sounds heavy and insane but Its Fucking Accurate my friend) and the character study value alone is glorious. So yeah, new book, to be written in 2018, currently known as Demon Girl and Cursed Boy even though its going to be largely centered around punks battling gender roles. While dealing with a possible cult that they’ve unknowingly joined. And stealing a soul or three. And dying hair.

You know, normal teenage things.

In other writing news, Bulletproof Spy ep 1 is off to the editor! I’m so excited, and so terrified. I have lined up a cover artist. I still have to line up PR. And bribe a friend to teach me a new method of formatting. And write the next one. And the one after that, and the one after that…

So ah, yeah! That’s what I’ve been up to for the past…fuck shit TWO MONTHS. Moving and house issues and gender fuckery, but also lots of great art and wonderful times with this amazing circle of friends I’ve only recently come into and am still in awe of so much of the time. Fall is coming, life is good, and I am back to posting on the regular. Get ready for lots of talk on minimalism, writing, monsters and creepy shit (oh yes, the haunted house post will be coming VERY SOON FRIENDS), and possibly some dissection on writing theory and what makes good things fall apart or come together? Maybe some kind of storytelling critique on TV shows and book series??

Who the fuck knows. But I’m back, and I’m here to stay. So don’t you worry your lovely little head.



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