Holy Shit Its 2018

When the fuck did that happen? Anyone else feel like 2017 went by in a fucking blur of WTF? I’m having a hard time pulling out any singular moments of That Was Nice other than visiting my family in Florida way back in March, and my time spent living with the Wooldridges. And the writing retreat. (Anytime spent with a Wooldridge is a good time)

And the Art Spiral. Man, that was fun.

Anyway, its A New Year, and I guess we’re supposed to do new me’s? Or something? I dunno, sounds like we’re all gonna come out of cocoons like some Invasion of The Body Snatchers shit. Every year its all “I’m gonna eat right this year and work out more and lose twenty pounds.” and I just, I dunno, are you really? Cause I’m sure as shit not. I have “Lift weights again, hoop more, do more yoga,” but those aren’t chores for me, I like doing them.

I’ve never liked the New Me because it implies you’re somehow supposed to completely do away with the old one. Listen up Kylo Ren, you can try killing the past all you like, but its not actually going to fucking die. It comes with you, and it lives with you in every choice you make for the rest of your life. Just because a ball dropped is not going to make a new you, every time you make a choice, those outcomes change you. You’re going to grow whether you like it or not. Do you force your peace lily to grow? No, you just water it and rotate it every so often so it doesn’t get sun burned.

Just water and rotate, dude.

So! Ya probably wanna see some goals or some shit. Well, I’ve got twelve. Which is A Lot but I actually made a lot of of progress this year and I have a solid fucking plan for 2018. For once.

  • Bulletproof Spy #1 out Feb ’18
  • Bulletproof Spy #2 out May ’18
  • Bulletproof Spy #3 out August ’18
  • Bulletproof Spy #4 out November ’18
  • Edit & query Teenage Dirtbag (my hella gay YA horror/comedy)
  • Research & Outline Demon Girl and Cursed Boy (Ozarks magic/monster gender queer punk YA)
  • Research Savannah, GA for Fury and the Vendetta
  • Finish reading Russian queer history text book, gather notes for lecture
  • Network like a motherfucker
  • Figure out these bullshit migraines
  • Do more yoga and hooping, get back into lifting weights

I may add write Sigil #2 if I have time. I told myself I was sick of it and I needed a break, so of course now its been occupying my mind more than ever. I might try my hand at writing a short story (slash finding a home for one I wrote last year that the critique group said I should sell rather than give away for free). I’m debating something with Azazel and Phenex’s artwork. You would think after nearly eight years of this series I would be sick of it by now, and yet, here we are.

I guess thats a good sign that I really am going to find a home for it one day (or die trying).

Anywho, here’s to 2018. May it be less shitty than the last. I’m hoping for more Wooldridge adventures, more writing goals accomplished, and if I’m very lucky, many more Art Spirals.




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