Queer Men Kicking Ass: What the Bulletproof Spy means to me


No I’m not, this is publishing. I am here to write the damn stories I want to tell and share them with folks who will hopefully enjoy them too.

So why did I write this one?

Well. Short answer: BECAUSE I CAN.

Long answer: BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE HAS and that’s kind of…well..it pisses me off.

That’s just how I roll, man. I’m a good person. I’ve got a big heart and a good head on my shoulders. But man, show me a spy novel with a queer male lead. No, no really. Take your time. I’ll wait.

It is slim goddamn pickings my friends.

And why the fuck is that? Why do I have to go on AO3 and try to find something that ain’t a goddamn WIP to enjoy queer men in a story that isn’t first and foremost a romance?

Short answer: I don’t know.

Long answer: the genre is dominated by cis het guys who don’t think queer male leads are cool, adult fiction is always a decade or more behind YA in terms of diversity, action adventure and spec fic are not the biggest sellers in the world (the only new High Fantasy I saw at Target for adult fiction was Brandon Sanderson. The latest James Rollins didn’t even last a month before it got the boot), and bullshit stereotypes that say queer men can’t kick ass.

The Bulletproof Spy did not need to simmer for very long. Unlike most of my books, which I’ve been rehashing and querying for frigging years, BPS just popped into my head one day reading in bed that this is the type of spy story I wanted to tell. Something specifically period-set, without today’s modern technology and a squad team waiting to bail you out. And ya know, without all that Bond girl stuff over and over and over.

So ah, yeah. I think that’s it? Bulletproof Spy #1: the Silver Bullet Affair will be released into the wild on March 15th. BPS #2 will follow quickly on its heels in May, with another in August, and a forth in November. And still more to come in 2019. I’ll stop writing them when the goddamn plot arc finishes. (I don’t do This Many Books I do This Is The Story). I anticipate probably ten-ish novellas before we wrap it and do the print bound of the whole shebang.

Things you can look forward to: the true tea of Russian queer culture, monsters, weird ass magic, harrowing car chases, all manner of 60s fashions (those window pane suits man, goddamn), and cliff hangers that will leave you probably wanting to throw something at me.



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