“Drug tests? What kind of drugs will we be testing today?”

Okay, so I’m not even remotely a fan of Workaholics, but I sent that text to my Dad with a picture of my drug bottle and it made him laugh.

My first doctor’s appointment was last Tuesday and it went…well, it went. It was a middle of the road experience. I wasn’t completely ignored like I worried I would be, but I don’t think I was taken seriously either.

I saw my NP (my PCP is four months out so I’m seeing an NP for the time being) and she was very nice. She at least listened to my concerns and offered me an unofficial chronic migraine diagnosis. However, she was reluctant to book me an appointment with a neurologist. I told her I absolutely wanted one, so she relented, but I was baffled that it wasn’t simply done outright.

I brought my planner with all of my migraine notes, showed her the calendars which show all of the days I deal with migraine attacks and postdrome symptoms. Between the two I average ten days a months where I do not experience any symptoms. That means for over two thirds a month, I’m fighting with my body to get things done. I thought I had all of the notes and information needed to provide the doctor with evidence for a diagnosis.

Maybe I was too nice. It’s a thing, that I do. I was raised in the South, its my natural reflex to smile and diffuse a situation, even when I’m angry and would rather yell at someone. I’m even more nice when I’m out and about, because I know people are dealing with their own crap so they should get a little kindness in their day. I don’t want to be angry or short with my doctor. Just because I’m smiling and cracking jokes doesn’t mean my life isn’t a mess because for whatever reason a perfume gives me a migraine attack.

In the end, I was given a prescription for sumatriptan, and put into the system to be booked for a neurologist and an ophthalmologist appointment in the future. I have yet to receive a phone call about either – which worries me – but I’m hoping to drop off some paperwork later this week, and discuss the matter with someone then.

As it’s been a week since my appointment, I’ve tried the sumatriptan twice with bad and worse results. The first trial, I took one and it did nothing. The second trial, I took two instead. I found myself so dizzy I had trouble standing, which was less than ideal as I was at a public speaking event. The following day I was so exhausted I could barely bring myself to do anything. It was almost as bad as the worst of my migraines.

I’m glad this didn’t occur at Conbust, my first con of the season.
I’m really excited to present my very own panel this year on LGBT cultures, where I’ll be discussing how to research them correctly and my own experiences with Russian LGBT history. However, this also means I’ll be presenting on ten panels with no medication whatsoever.


And as this is America, I don’t have another doctor’s appointment until my full physical at the end of next month. In the meantime, I will take careful notes for my neurologist. Perhaps I’ll bring my laptop and present the neurologist with a Powerpoint and in-depth lecture. Think that’ll convince him?

Behind the scenes, I also have big secret career stuff going on. It’s…terrifying and exciting all at once. I’ll be sure to share once things are all official. It’s a happy and a sad all wrapped up together, but I’m hopeful that the end result will be just what everyone needs.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Conbust next weekend!


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