My name is Suzanne; I am an androgynous, demisexual author of LGBT and neurodiverse stories.

I write books for teens and adults about monsters and magic, with a lot of roots in American folklore. Some are about asexual magicians and their demonic mentors, some are about mentally-ill monster hunters, some are about genderqueer punk hill witches, and some are about queer spies during the Cold War. The last of which are for sale on Amazon.

I am also the founder, marketing director and editor at the Quick Fox. In this role, I keep up to date on the latest publishing news, and tear apart books until only the best bits remain. My goal is to help my clients turn a first draft into the book they want it to be, with a general heading on how to then sell it.

In 2018, my life took a sharp left turn when my migraines abruptly went from once a month to once every three days. As of 2019, I am finally on healthcare and beginning treatment, as well as starting the process of claiming disability.

I have a BA in Professional Writing, a Minor in Music, and one cat who likes to ride my shoulder like a parrot.