I’m alive! And where I’ve been.

Hoooo man, these past two months have been...a lot. There was a lot of good. And a lot of bad. Terrifying and weird and wonderful. And at times, a tid bit horrifying. I finished the first Bulletproof Spy installment. I had a melt down during the Sketchy Ass Plumbers incident and have since had to … Continue reading I’m alive! And where I’ve been.


What is Demisexual

  *sits down* *pours you a glass of water* Have you seen Legion? No? Well. Shit... alright. Demisexual to me is...well its the barrier between me and dating. It's the shrug every time someone asks if I find a guy attractive. It's the lean back when someone goes to kiss me at the end of … Continue reading What is Demisexual