An Andro Named Sue

Balancing a career in publishing with chronic migraines. Sort of.

HAHA JUST KIDDING I’M JUST HERE TO HAVE FUN AND MAKE MONEY. No I’m not, this is publishing. I am here to write the damn stories I want to tell and share them with folks who will hopefully enjoy them too. So why did I write this one? Well. Short answer: BECAUSE I CAN. Long …

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Hoooo man, these past two months have been…a lot. There was a lot of good. And a lot of bad. Terrifying and weird and wonderful. And at times, a tid bit horrifying. I finished the first Bulletproof Spy installment. I had a melt down during the Sketchy Ass Plumbers incident and have since had to …

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Obvious statement the first: I am a millennial. Obvious statement the second: I am poor as fuck. Obvious statement the third: Saying no to things is the hardest thing there is. Second only to getting up for work at 4am.